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Dog Shop: Supplies & Accessories

Welcome to the heyoyo Dog Shop! Here you can find all you need to ensure your dog lives a healthy, happy and exciting lifestyle, with everything from food and toys to collars, beds and accessories. Have a browse of the great range of premium products, well-known names and popular brands we have to offer.


  • Dog Beds & Dog Baskets

    Discover our great selection of dog beds and baskets. A dog bed will provide your dog witha cosy place to sleep. A snug dog blanket or a heated dog pad can be the perfect accessories for winter, or perhaps a luxury dog bed with a dog pillow to make things even more cosy. We also have a great range of orthopaedic beds with memory foam for those dogs that need a special, extra-comfy bed. Read more below

  • Dog Toys & Sports...

    Keep your dog on its toes with dog toys and sports accessories!

    All dogs love dog toys that get them exercising, and playing games that help to sharpen their senses, keep them agile and improve their coordination. At heyoyo, we’ve got a wide selection of toys, which are suitable for all ages and breeds. Bright balls can liven up a game of fetch and snack balls always are very popular! Some dog toys are also a great way to support your dog's dental health. Chew toys are not only beneficial in strengthening jaw muscles but can also encourage the mechanical cleaning of teeth, helping to prevent plaque and tartar build up. If you are training your dog, you will certainly find something suitable in our Agility range!

  • Dog Bowls & Feeders

    heyoyo offers a great range of dog bowls and dog feeders in different styles and sizes. Stainless steel dog bowls are easy to clean and plastic dog bowls are great for travel and outdoor use. If you spend a lot of time away from home see our selection of food dispensers & dog drinking fountains.

  • Dog Hair Remover & Care

    Make grooming easier for you and your dog with these helpful dog grooming supplies! Dog brushes and dog clippers can help keep your dog's coat healthy, while nail clippers and other grooming products for paws, ears, eyes, and teeth will also keep your dog looking his best. 

  • Travel & Indoor Dog...

    Travel & indoor dog kennels aren't for transporting your pooch - these nylon dog kennels are meant to be a temporary retreat for your dog while on vacation, at dog shows or dog sports events, while camping, or for use in the car. They are a great way of ensuring your dog is always comfortable and safe, no matter where you are! Another benefit of a travel dog kennel is that your dog will always have a little area of its own to call home. This is also true of an indoor dog kennel, as it can become your dog's haven within your home - this is particularly useful in multi-pet households! Travel and indoor dog kennels are a great way to decrease your dog's stress levels when away from home and can make life easier for you as well!

  • Dog Clothes

    Enjoy shopping online with heyoyo for the best cat clothing products: Shirts, Cold Weather Coats, Costumes, Bandanas, Dresses, Sweaters & more at everyday low prices.

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