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Welcome to the heyoyo Cat Shop! Here at heyoyo we have absolutely everything you need for your cat from day one! cat food, cat scratching posts, cat litter, cat flaps, cat beds, and much more can all be found in our online shop, with a range of different brands and styles, but all with one thing in common - they are at great value prices! Browse through our full ranges of cat food, litter and treats, as well as practical items such as cat flaps and transport carriers, selecting everything you need for a happy feline life for both you and your cat!


  • Cat Trees & Cat...

    Cat scratching posts and trees are an ideal play and sleeping place for cats - whether you have a large or a smaller active cat. Cats love to sleep high up on a cat tree and a scratching post is indispensable for your cat's daily claw sharpening and your cat will appreciate a cat play tower to climb on. Many of our cat activity centres come with baskets and platforms for sleeping and cuddling.

  • Cat Beds & Cat Baskets

    Cats love a comfy cat bed to curl up in. That's why cosy dens or cat beds are a must for every cat owner. Here you'll find a great selection of beds, pillows, blankets, cat baskets and dens for your cat that come in different designs. Your kitten might get so comfortable in its comfy space, it may never want to get up again!

  • Cat Litter Boxes &...

    A cat litter box or cat litter tray belongs to the basic furnishings of many cat households. Here you'll find a great selection of  best litter boxes, cat toilets and litter trays, plus other accessories such as deodorants, litter mats, and more.

  • Cat Toys and Scratchers

    Every cat household needs cat toys too! Toys bring variety into your cat's life, keep her fit, and sharpen her senses. Whether with or without owner, with the right toy, your cat will never get bored. Have fun picking something out!

  • Cat Feeder Cat Bowls...

    Choose the best cat food bowl and drinking bowl or water fountain for your cat from a great choice of designs and brands. Our range includes non-slip cat dishes and we also offer placemats to keep any spills off of your floor and easy to clean up.


    Cat drinking fountains are great to ensure your cat has a constant supply of fresh water even when you are out or outside on a hot day.

  • Cat Hair Remover & Care

    Here you can find everything you need to help keep your cat healthy and happy - including Cat Hair Remover & Care. Whether you need grooming or accessories such as brushes, combs and clippers, we've got the solution to help you care for your cat.

  • Cat Collars & Transport

    Cat carriers, cat crates, cat cages, cat collars - heyoyo has a wide selection of products for safe travel with your cat. Cat harnesses and cat collars help protect your cat while on the go, too.

  • Cat Clothes

    Enjoy shopping online with heyoyo for the best cat clothing products: cat jacket, coats, hats, kitten clothes, pants, wedding dresses, and more.

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